Terms and Conditions

The entry in the Parks & Gardens shall be free in the morning from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM. Thereafter, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, visitors will have to collect the Ticket as per prescribed rates before entering the Parks & Gardens. Parks & Gardens shall be closed by 10:00 PM.

Visitors shall check the amount paid for the Ticket before leaving the Ticket Window. Visitors shall not create any dispute with the Ticket Window Operator for the same.

Ticket amount shall not be refunded once the Ticket is issued.

Admission in the Parks & Gardens shall be given only once on the Ticket. Once the visitor exists the Parks & Gardens, then, that visitor will not be allowed to enter the Parks & Gardens on the same Ticket.

For any type of Photography / Videography or for Shooting visitors have to book Online from our website www.sabarmatiriverfront.com

Do not enter with any type of Food or Pets.

Gutkha or any kind of Pan Masala is strictly prohibited to be taken in the Parks & Gardens. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

It is strictly prohibited to take any kind of Sports Equipment in the Parks & Gardens.

Entry for any kind of Hawkers is strictly prohibited.

Do not tear down or damage any type of Property including Flower Plants.

To make the Clean India Mission meaningful, visitors are requested to participate in maintaining cleanliness in the Parks & Gardens by throwing garbage in the dustbin.

Visitors shall Park their vehicles in the Parking lot only.

The Authority reserves the right to decide whether or not to allow entry to any visitors.

Visitors shall follow the rules, regulations and/or any guidelines issued by Concerned Authority regarding the Pandemic or any future emergencies for visiting/entering any Parks & Gardens.

Visitors can book the Garden entry ticket via www.riverfrontparksticket.com for all the Parks & Gardens. Visitors need to enter the basic information and they will receive Ticket confirmation via WhatsApp or e- Mail.

For entering in to the Parks & Gardens, Visitors need to scan the QR/Barcode Code they have received on their WhatsApp or on e-Mail at the security gate. The security will scan the QR/Barcode to validate the Ticket.

If the Ticket is invalid during scanning, entry shall not be allowed. Any dispute regarding the same shall not be entertained.

Booking amount is non-refundable.

Tickets once booked cannot be cancelled.

If the money is deducted and the E-Ticket is not received either on Mail or SMS then please contact the Ticket Window Operator before 9:00 PM of that Particular Park and for that Date Only. Duplicate Ticket would be issued by the Ticket Window Operator only after the Money is credited in the account of the Company.